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Vista Pak has been providing top quality blister packaging cards and blister packaging services in the Toronto area since 1970. With 47 years in the packaging industry, Vista Pak has the experience, knowledge, and industry expertise you can trust. Our focus is on quality materials, bold, richly printed graphics, and reliability you can count on. Vista Pak knows that the right packaging is essential to effectively display, promote, and market your products, and get them off the shelves and into the hands of consumers.

At Vista Pak, we provide a wide variety of innovative packaging products and services, which include blister cards, skin cards, custom cartons, header cards, blister packaging, skin packaging, custom coatings, used Blister Pack Machines, used Skin Pack Machines, and used Roller Press Die Cutters.

Our company is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product packaging cards and inserts, superior customer service, and complete satisfaction.

Vista Pak offers both PMS and 4 colour process colour printing to ensure the most effective graphic impact of your packaging, and maximizing colour consistency, bold graphics, crisp detail, and colour selection.

Vista Pak provides blister packaging products and services for clients from coast to coast, including Canada and the Eastern US.

Packaging Products

At Vista Pak we offer top quality packaging products with crisp, full colour printing and innovative design.

Blister Packaging Cards

Vista Pak's blister card packaging offers 4 color process printing and a 100% sealability guarantee.

Skin Packaging Cards

We provide both corrugated and paperboard skin packaging cards to effectively display and protect your products.


Insert and Header Cards

Our insert and header cards are custom printed in crisp detail on quality stock for maiximum impact.

Custom Cartons

We provide custom printed corrugated and paperboard cartons to contain and protect your products.

Packaging Services

Blister Packaging Services

For customers wishing to keep package design, packaging products, and blister packaging services with a single company for convenience and affordability, Vista Pak also provides quality blister packaging services.

Skin Packaging Services

In addition to custom printed skin packaging cards, we also offer full service skin packaging. We can streamline your packaging process and costs by providing the design, printing and packaging for your company's product all in one place.

Custom Coatings

Vista Pak provides high quality custom coatings for our packaging cards and cartons. The various types of custom coatings used can affect the paper’s lustre, printing quality, and ability to absorb color.

Used Packaging Machines

For customers wishing to package their own products without the initial investment costs of brand new machinery, we offer a variety of used packaging machines from many top brands such as Visual RBS, Starview, Zed and others. Please contact us for more information on which specific models we have available at any given time. We also provide customers with training on how to operate each machine.

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Whether you are working on a large or small scale packaging run, we have just the right used skin packaging machine for your company's needs.

Used Skin Packaging Machines

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We carry a wide selection of used blister packaging machines in a variety of sizes, capacities, and automation levels.

Used Blister Packaging Machines

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We have a number of used roller press die cutters available to suit the packaging demands of your company.

Used Roller Press Die-Cutters

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Please contact Vista Pak with any questions or for more information on the products and services we offer, or to inquire as to the availability of specific models of used packaging machines. We look forward to hearing from you!

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